KTM 450 XC-F 2022
KTM 450 XC-F 2022


KTM 450 XC-F 2022

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The 2022 KTM 450 XC-F is nothing less than an offroad weapon. Capable of tearing through just about any landscape at breakneck speed. This is thanks to a compact SOHC engine, delivering explosive power in a smooth, usable delivery that suits both weekend riders and seasoned racers alike, no to mention sharing 95% of its parts with the championship-winning KTM 450 SX-F motocross bike.


    Powered by the compact, free-revving 449.9 cc powerhouse as in the ripping KTM 450 SX-F, the KTM 450 XC-F needs little introduction when it comes to turning on the noise. KTM engineers have delivered a truly READY TO RACE machine with the latest engine management technology, meaning the KTM 450 XC-F pumps out unrivalled horsepower, buckets, or torque and with one simple goal in mind - to win races!

    Cylinder head
    Inside the SOHC cylinder head, an overhead camshaft controls four ultra-lightweight titanium valves via extremely rigid DLC-coasted rocker arms. This allows the KTM 450 XC-F to rev up to an almost galactic 11,500 RPM. Lateral brackets made of aluminium allow an efficient mounting of the engine to the frame, which further contribute to the KTM 450 XC-F's featherweight feel.

    Located in an ideal position close to the center of gravity, The KTM 450 XC-F crankshaft contributes to easier handling. It utilizes a short connecting rod, which makes for an overall compact and lightweight engine. The engine's pressurized lubrication system provides the necessary oil feed for the big end bearing. This design has a direct benefit for the crankshaft with extended service intervals. So just pin it, all day long.

    Crankcases and engine covers
    A lightweight engine case design allows for a very centralized shaft configuration while contributing to an efficient centralization of mass. Additionally, the engine covers feature a smart surface structure that reduces the wear caused by the rider's boots, keeping them looking as fresh as the day it rolled off the production line, while reinforced clutch and engine covers mean the engine case is more robust.

    The KTM 450 XC-F uses a lightweight 5-speed transmission with gear ratios that are perfectly matched to the power delivery of its large displacement engine. Due to its high performance, 1st and 3rd gears are treated with an ultra-slick surface coating for reliability, while a ´No Dirt´ gear shift lever design prevents mud and sand from clocking up the level joint. All XC-F 4-stroke engines are also fitted with a gear position sensor, giving the option of different engine characteristics for each gear.

    Engine management system
    The state-of-the-art Keihin Engine Management System, with electronic fuel injection, features a 42 mm throttle body with separate systems for cold starting and idle adjustment. The throttle cable mount also allows for easy access and a smooth routing of cables for crisp throttle response, every time. 

    Cylinder and piston
    Inside the short cylinder, with a bore of 95 mm, thumps a new box-type piston made by CP with a reworked shape for improved performance. Its crown geometry is adapted perfectly to the high-compression combustion chamber, where its rigid structure and low weight shine. Thanks to the low oscillating masses, the engine is as snappy as it is strong.

    Balancer shaft
    The KTM 450 XC-F makes use of a side-mounted balancer shaft, which does two jobs. It maintains low oscillating masses and reduces engine vibration, and also drives the water pump, which keeps the engine cool. 

    The KTM 450 XC-F is fitted with the extremely durable, KTM-developed DDS clutch (damped diaphragm steel), with a wear-free steel basket and heat-resistant clutch plates. It uses a diaphragm spring instead of the usual coil springs, which results in considerably easier clutch action. Additionally, the Brembo hydraulic system provides easy and precise clutch modulation throughout the entire operating temperature range. 

    The standard electric starter on the KTM 450 XC-F uses a proven starter drive and a strong starter motor made by Mitsuba. As demonstrated time and time again, it provides quick and reliable starting, saving you precious time and energy when you need it most.

    Keeping the engine cool when the going gets tough comes courtesy of a pair of radiators, mounted close to the center of gravity. These make use of CFD technology (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and clever coolant circuit routing, achieving optimum engine temperature for the highest performance, in all conditions. Above all, the delta distributor, integrated into the frame triangle, features a large center tube for highly efficient coolant flow.

    When it comes to power delivery and performance, the exhaust on all 4-stroke models plays a key role and packs a punch that is hard to beat. It features a model-specific header pipe with an advanced resonator called FDH (Flow Design Header), which is a small chamber around the pipe. The design allows the exhaust to be disassembled without removing the shock absorber, providing easier access to the shock. The aluminium sleeve, end cap, and internal design of the silencer also allow for slimmer ergonomics, making the bike feel slimmer, without compromising regulatory noise limits. 

    02. CHASSIS

    The KTM 450 XC-F is built around a high-tech, lightweight chrome-moly steel frame, which provides class-leading levels of handling, rideability, precision, and stability. Designed to take the hardest of hits, the frame itself acts as a shock absorber for the front and rear suspension, soaking up any jumps and jolts. The frame also features an extra-light subframe made of aluminium, which tips the scales at less than 2 pounds, keeping the weight low and the speed stellar. 

    The cast aluminium swingarm design offers low weight and perfect flex behaviour, perfectly complimenting the frame. And being a single-component casting, it eliminates any inconsistencies and inherent weak points created by welding, making it stronger and better looking. 

    The KTM 450 XC-F is fitted with a lightweight set of high-end wheels, consisting of CNC-machined hubs, Giant rims, and black spokes with aluminium nipples. These are wrapped in Dunlop Geomax AT81, which together, provide maximum, grip, traction, and stability with the absolute and minimum weight.

    Front suspension
    The KTM XC range features the same 48 mm USD air-sprung WP XACT front forks with AER technology as found on our championship-winning motocross bikes. These are a split fork with separate functions for each leg. That means damping functions are on the right side, whereas the air spring is on the left. This left leg features a 2-chamber system with a capsuled air cartridge to prevent loss of air pressure. The air spring is easy to adjust to any rider weight via a single air valve. No extra special tools are required; the fork air pump is supplied with the bike. The right fork leg integrates a damping cartridge that tailors to all your damping needs. It can be adjusted to the track conditions and the rider's preferences with a twist of a dial.

    Rear suspension
    Big bumps beware - the WP XACT shock absorber has been developed with the entire frame and swingarm architecture in mind, including the linkage system and the WP XACT front forks. It also features machined and anodized components, making it a truly impressive piece of equipment to look at too.

    Triple clamp
    High-quality, CNC machined triple clamps keep the handlebars in check via rubber damped fixtures. These also allow for two positions of adjustment, with a handy hour meter fitted alongside so that you know when it's time to give your machine a little TLC. 

    When it comes to bringing this machine to stop, you'll be happy to have high-tech Brembo brake calipers and lightweight wavy discs doing the business. These also take years of competitive racing into account, providing the perfect combination of ideal pad density and steel quality for longevity and consistent feel. 

    Fuel tank
    All XC-F models have lightweight, see-through polyethylene tanks with an integrated fuel pump system and a capacity of 2.25 gallons. A quick-release filler cap makes for easy and reliable closure. And don't worry about when the gas starts running thin - the aforementioned clear tanks mean you've always got an eye on the fuel level. 

    The easy-access airbox on the KTM 450 XC-F ensures optimal flow dynamics, thanks to specially designed intake snorkels. This means air is force-fed into the motor, resulting in the perfect balance of power and throttle response. Keeping the air clean, is a large Twin-Air air filter fitted to a rigid cage for ideal placement at all times. 


    All KTM XC-F models are equipped with adjustable, high-strength aluminium tapered handlebars made by NEKEN. These can be mounted in four different positions. Standard with ODI vulcanized grip on the right side and a comfortable ODI lock-on grip on the left, your only worry is hanging on, and letting rip.

    A slim, factory-inspired blue seat finished with grip ribs for improved rider connection and provides the ideal combination of comfort and control.

    Sophisticated ´No Dirt´ footpegs prevent clogging of the footpeg pivot, even when digging in deep ruts. Looking for a higher riding position? Then just mount the footpegs of the EXC models, which are 6 mm higher than the XC versions.


    The 2022 KTM XC Range receives a distinctive visual update, taking the bike even closer to the RED BULL KTM FACTORY RACING look, with a new blue seat and the distinctive motorsport finishing touch; the orange frame.


    Battery & wiring harness
    The KTM 450 XC-F is fitted with a time-proven electrical system, powered by a super lightweight 2 Ah lithium-ion starter battery. The wiring harness also has most of the electrical components carefully positioned into a common area below the seat, making them easily accessible. 

    Getting power to the ground is one thing. Getting it hooked up is another. TRACTION CONTROL is a highly beneficial feature that guarantees more efficient traction and better control of the bike when accelerating on wet or slippery hard-pack surfaces. A handy feature is being able to toggle it on or off via the handlebar map switch - even when on the fly. 

    With one touch of a button, the map switch allows riders to select between a standard map setting and a more aggressive map for loamy, high grip dirt conditions. This is particularly useful for changing track conditions, quick off-the-line launches, or in situations where you simply need to catch a breath and let the bike do the work for you. 


    TRANSMISSION 5-speed
    STARTER Electric starter
    STROKE 63.4 mm
    BORE 95 mm
    CLUTCH Wet, DDS multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics
    DISPLACEMENT 449.9 cm³
    EMS Keihin EMS
    DESIGN 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine


    FRONT BRAKE Disc brake
    REAR BRAKE Disc brake
    CHAIN 5/8 x 1/4"
    FRAME DESIGN Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel
    REAR SUSPENSION WP XACT Monoshock with linkage
    SEAT HEIGHT 960 mm

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